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Puppy Pre-School and Obedience Classes

Puppy Preschool

Regular puppy preschool and dog obedience classes are a popular feature of the practice.

Our instructor Randal Sullings is an experienced animal trainer with Local Dog Obedience Club and Delta Dog Training certificates. He’s been an Instructor at the Belconnen Dog Obedience Club since 1997, and at the Queanbeyan Club since 2002. Randal has conducted CVH puppy and obedience classes since 2009, and also provides one-on-one classes for dogs with behaviour problems. Randal doesn’t just train dogs. He has a Zookeepers certificate and has amazing experience training exotic wildlife using operant conditioning, from Asiatic sun bears, cheetahs and fur seals to giraffes and tigers!

Why attend puppy classes?

We recognise these classes mean slotting precious time into your family schedule, but the rewards of well-behaved puppies and adult dogs are immeasurable – and our classes are FUN!

The good news is that puppies retain the good lessons they learn at this early age. Our staff can always pick the puppies that have graduated from our classes – they run in the front door wagging their tails, and they’re confident and comfortable with procedures because they’re familiar with the smells and personalities of a vet clinic (it could, of course, be the liver treats they have come to expect as a reward for good behaviour).

Please ring us on (02) 4832 1977 to register for the next puppy class. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


  • A puppy preschool course costs $100
  • This covers 4 x 1 hour lessons, held over 4 weeks
  • Classes are usually held between 6pm and 7pm at CVH
  • Our staff liaise with registered puppy owners and select a week night that suits as many as possible in that class
  • A minimum of 4 to a maximum of 10 puppies are registered for each class.


Puppies can participate from 8 weeks of age
It is essential your puppy is vaccinated, including Kennel Cough
Puppies must have a collar and lead.

What happens in the classes?

You and your pet, with other puppies and owners, will work with Randal in our seminar room and outside on the adjacent secure lawn. The lessons include:

  • Communicating effectively with your puppy, and better understanding what your pup is trying to communicate to you
  • Basic obedience exercises including sit, drop, come, stay
  • Safe play and games that help to socialise the puppies, making them confident and calm with other people and other animals
  • Good manners around food and eating
  • Toilet training tips
  • Prevention strategies for anxieties such as fear of thunder and storms.

Adult dog obedience classes

Just because you didn’t make puppy preschool or your dog was already an adult when you brought him home, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start training.

Randal runs dog obedience classes for older dogs. These revisit the basics (sit, stay, come) with some more advanced obedience training.


  • Dog obedience courses costs $180
  • This covers 6 x 1 hour lessons, held over 6 weeks
  • Classes are held between 6pm and 7pm at CVH, and take up to 15 dogs per group
  • Classes are only held during daylight saving months (as they are held at night and outside in CVH grounds)
  • As with puppies, all dogs participating in the classes must be vaccinated, including Kennel Cough
  • Dogs must come with a collar and lead.

Please ring us on (02) 4832 1977 to register for the next available obedience class.