Taking the pain out of mulesing and marking

Crookwell Veterinary Hospital is a strong supporter of the technology that is now providing tangible pain relief at the time of mulesing and other painful marking procedures including castrating and tail docking. NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) come in two forms Bucclegesic® and Metacam® which both give lasting pain relief. They come in either and oral form Bucclegesic® or an injectable form Metacam®. CVH stocks both and can dispense small and large amounts depending on your stock numbers.  

Managing pain at mulesing is both an animal welfare and a production issue. Another product recommended is Tri-solfen® which is a topical spray that provides short term pain relief and an antiseptic well as containing a fly repellent. CVH does not currently stock Tri-solfen®.

Anecdotal evidence from sheep producers round the country indicates much faster mothering and return to suckling, significantly less pain and stress, faster wound healing, and a rapid return to normal lamb behaviour following the use of pain relief post-mulesing.