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Farmer's emergency pack

One of the most effective emergency treatments all stock owners should have on hand (and carry in their vehicles) is Vet-Cal 4-in-1 or a similar product. This is a pack of fluid containing calcium, magnesium, glucose and phosphorous. It is administered by subcutaneous injection in cattle and sheep (ie under the skin).

In cattle, cases of grass tetany, milk fever, transport sickness and other high stress situations can benefit enormously from the fast delivery of 1 to 2 packs under the skin before veterinary help arrives.

Similarly in sheep, stress situations such as transport, sudden cold weather, milk fever and even pregnancy toxaemia will benefit from immediate treatment until more comprehensive treatment is available.

Crookwell Veterinary Hospital is happy to supply packs to farmers as this interim treatment can often make a critical difference to survival. But we ask producers to:

  1. always ring first for advice
  2. not assume this treatment will take the place of the more intensive veterinary treatment required for grass tetany and other potentially fatal conditions.

Ring us on (02) 4832 1977 – we’re happy to discuss how we can assist.