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Grooming for Dogs and Cats

Fiona workingFiona Hudson

Crookwell Veterinary Hospital offers both cat and dog grooming. Whether it be to make your pet more comfortable during the hotter months, keeping the grass seeds and burs out of their coat, reducing the amount of hair shedded around the house or regularly grooming to keep them looking neat and tidy. Our vet nurses are experienced in all types of groms for both cats and dogs. 

CVH grooming care includes:

  • All animals are hand dried, not cage dried.
  • Each pet is hand washed and we use only the best quality veterinary dog and cat shampoos and conditioners.
  • As part of the grooming process, each pet receives a gentle ear and eye clean, a nail trim and anal gland expression (if required).
  • If fleas are noticed, a flea treatment is used and we can help with a regular ongoing flea control program.
  • The grooming procedures available include breed specific clips, lion and other clips for cats as well as shampoo and blow-dry, full clipping for very matted coats, long hair strip-outs and simple shampoos with a blow-dry.
  • We endevour to groom pets un-sedated however somtimes for the wellbeing of animal we may have to use sedation to reduce the stress on the animal. We use very safe sedation and anesthetic drugs and will work in consultation with the owner on what is best for their pet. 

A number of our veterinary nurses are experienced groomers and regularly undertake more therapeutic grooming. For example, giving an annual clip to longhaired dogs before the season, or doing full clips on dogs and cats with very knotted coats.

Grooming appointments

Please call us on (02) 4832 1977 to make an appointment,  Please don’t hesitate to ring us if you have any questions about the grooming process.